Do it with passion or not at all

As a freelance actress and model, this is how I work and stand in life. I enjoy my work and put everything I have into it.

The combination of acting and modeling is in itself inspiring. The concepts are different, but both are about expressing emotions and beauty. The actress learns from the model, and vice versa.
Being an actress and a model, for me, means working together with interesting, talented people. Learning from one another, inspiring one another. Pursuing a common goal: creating beautiful things.
This is why I do it. With passion.

You are the sum of the people you meet

I was born on the 11th of March 1980, in Ghent, Belgium. My hometown was and continues to be an inspiration for me. My sensitivity combines very well with its atmosphere. Ghent is a warm place, with a rich cultural heritage, a university, an international port, and lots of interesting people to meet.

Theatre and acting have always been my passion. Inspired by a teacher in high school, I took up acting classes in an art academy. But after graduating, in search for security and financial independence, I choose a career in Human Resources. During ten years I took up different jobs, and mostly loved working with people.
The dream of acting however was still there. It went from a favorite hobby to part of my profession thanks to a lead role in a scripted reality show on tv. In front of those camera’s I fully realized acting is my ambition. I contacted several agencies, and was offered opportunities in acting and assignments for modeling (catwalk, photoshoots, ...).
Besides my job (which doesn’t feel like a job, as you can guess) I’m also passionate about sports (running, fitness, cycling), languages (full proficiency in Dutch, French, English and Spanish) and healthy food and cooking. I love culture and like to cultivate myself, for example via adventurous travel.


BRA: 75B
HIPS: 97

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Ellen De Waele

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